What is Science Week?

Science Week Ireland is an annual event which first took place in 1996 and has grown to a programme of over 800 events scheduled across the country.

It aims to make science more interesting and accessible to children and adults alike. It highlights how science, technology and engineering are hugely relevant to us all in our everyday lives, lead to interesting and exciting career options and develop creativity in our children.

What are the dates?

This year the dates are Sunday 13th - Sunday 20th November 2016, but don’t forget that some events are happening around the country on either side of the week. Read more details about them on the events calendar.

What is the theme for Science Week 2016?

The theme for Science Week 2016 is Science Rising. Together we shape the future.  Science is part of our past, a past that is often overlooked, an immense part of our present and it is key to our success. There is endless potential still to be realised.  The growing impact of Irish scientific achievement will make a difference in people’s lives, support industry investment, future proof our skill base and involve everyone in the potential of science and innovation.  We will continue to question, imagine, collaborate, discover, answer and create. We will make a difference to Irish society and our economy. More importantly we will make a difference to humankind.

Coordinated by Science Foundation Ireland, Science Week will run from Sunday 13th – Sunday 20th November 2016. The festival will highlight how STEM is fundamental to everyday life, and demonstrate STEM’s importance to the future development of our society and economy. 

Find out more about Science Rising here.


Who organises Science Week

Science Foundation Ireland plays the role of coordinator of Science Week and is responsible for national promotions, development of promotional and resource materials and partner liaison and communication.

Event organisers work on a local level. They come from varied backgrounds including universities, institutes of technology, libraries, schools, community groups and industry.

They volunteer their time to organise an event within the local area while Science Foundation Ireland provides support through coordination of all events on a national level.

Read more about how to get involved.

For more information about funding check out the Science Foundation Ireland website.

Why should I get involved?

Science Week aims to encourage an interest and passion for science among children and adults alike.

If your organisation is thinking about getting involved in Science Week, there are plenty of unique characteristics that will make your association with Science Week Ireland appealing:

  • Personal satisfaction
  • Image association
  • Market reach
  • Specific target audience
  • Visibility during a certain period of time
  • Improves staff morale
  • Increases exposure
  • Boosts profile
  • Builds valuable relationships with other partners
  • Media attention
  • Reflects positively on your organisation’s name
  • Highlights your support of the local community
  • Connects you to youth groups

How can I get involved?

There are no limits to the things you can do during Science Week, from a small Science Week quiz at lunchtime to an open day at your company.

No matter how big or small, be sure to read our guide on how to get involved, or download activities to carry out at home or in the classroom.

Where do events take place?

Events can take place in various locations around the country, from libraries, colleges and open days to your work canteen at lunchtime. Check our events calendar from late September when it will begin to fill up with event details. You can register your event details anytime you wish on the events section of the website.

Anyone can submit an event, even if it's a quiz in the classroom. You can simply add an event like this as an 'invitation only' event, which means it is a private event and will not be open to the public. This allows us to see how many events are actually happening across the country, big and small.

Remember - you cannot order FREE Science Week merchandise unless you have submitted an event! The merchandise ordering facility will open in September 2016.

How do I know what else is going on in my area?

Check out the online calendar of events – where you can search for events happening in your area. Organisers will begin to add details from September but remember to keep revisiting the site, as new events will be added all the way up to November itself.

You can simply browse events or use the advanced filtering system to search by county, audience type, admission etc.

Don't forget you can use the hashtag  #scienceweek when posting your Science Week info on Twitter or to see what other people have posted online. You can also connect with us at @ScienceWeek or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ScienceWeekIreland.

When can I upload the details of my event?

You are welcome to register as a 2016 event organiser anytime! Then to register start uploading event details to the Science Week event submission form

Once you have registered as an event organiser and submitted your details, the Science Week team will review it before publishing it on the website. Once it has been approved and published, you can come back to the site to manage/edit your events if you need to make any changes.

If you are experiencing any difficulty in registering or editing your events please get in touch with us at ScienceWeek@sfi.ie or telephone (01) 607 3008.

How do I upload my event photos?

We would love to see your Science Week-related photos. They help us to show people just how exciting Science Week is and shows what exciting things you have been doing!

On the Photo Gallery page you can login to your Flickr account to share your photos to the Science Week Ireland photo stream.

How can I promote my event in my local area?

Promoting your event and getting people interested in coming along is just as important as organising the event. It’s important to let people know about your event in good time.

There are many easy ways to promote your event: post flyers and put up posters everywhere you can – schools, local businesses, cafés, shopping centres and local noticeboards.

The 2016 Science Week poster and logos will be ready for your use very soon - so do check back here! Don’t forget to use the Science Week logo to tie in with all the events happening around the country and show people that you are taking part in Science Week.

Another way of getting people interested in an environmentally friendly way is email. Send an email invite for your event to everyone you know, whether they friends, family, colleagues, local community groups, local businesses or schools.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #scienceweek when posting your Science Week info on Twitter or Instagram. You can also connect with us at @ScienceWeek.

For more ideas and ways to promote your event see the event organisers section.

How do I get media coverage for my event?

Once you have ironed out all the details and know your venue, dates, times and what is going to happen, it’s time to get in touch with your local newspapers and radio stations. The earlier you do this the better.

Find out who you can send press releases to and what their deadlines are for information going to print or to air. See our sample press release to get an idea of how to write yours: include a brief description, times, dates, venue and most importantly your contact details.

A good way to get people interested is to send VIP invitations. Include local journalists, high-profile members of the community and photographers – and don’t forget to outline the photo opportunities that your event can offer. Don't forget to use the hashtags  #scienceweek when posting your Science Week info on Twitter. You can connect to us at @ScienceWeek.

Finally, don’t forget to submit the event to the listing section of your local paper.

Who do I contact if I have any queries?

If you have a query about Science Week please email us at ScienceWeek@sfi.ie or telephone (01) 607 3008.

What Science Week resources and merchandise are available to me

See the Resources section of the website - it includes posters, logos in various formats, a sample press release, and activity sheets for schools.

You can also order FREE Science Week merchandise, but don’t forget that you must register as an event organiser and submit your event details to the website first. 

You are welcome to upload your to take your Science Week events information. While you can add your events now, the merchandise ordering facility will not open until September.

How do I register for the Science Week newsletter?

You can register for the free Science Week email newsletter; simply enter your email address on the right-hand panel on the home page or you can send an email to ScienceWeek@sfi.ie and ask to be added to the mailing list.

How do I find out how successful my event was?

Ask the attendees to fill in a short (two-minute) questionnaire before they leave – you can download a sample one here.