Get Science Week activity sheets for classroom experiments

Published 16 November 2012

Science Week 2012 logoThis year’s Science Week may be nearly over, but lots of classroom activity sheets will continue to be available on the Science Week website in the months to come.

This year’s activity sheets are on the Science Week 2012 theme of “Everyday Experimenting”, and the activity sheets can be used at school or at home.

The primary school activity sheets include:

  • How to make a bottle xylophone
  • Melting ice: Which do you think will melt faster – pure ice or ice with salt sprinkled on it?
  • How strong is an eggshell?
  • A simple fire extinguisher – using the same gas that’s in many fizzy drinks

The secondary school activity sheets include:

  • Exploring acids and bases at home
  • Supercool water
  • Extracting DNA from kiwis
  • Smartie chromatography

And don’t forget to check out the Science Week website for lots more classroom resources from previous years.

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