Get involved in a mission to Saturn

Published 9 September 2010

Image of Saturn with its ringsThe Cassini Mission to Saturn is one of the greatest robotic space exploration missions of our time.

Now you have the chance to become involved in the mission – and put your school’s name on the international map.

The Cassini Scientist for a Day Contest gives you the opportunity to practise your writing and research abilities while learning about space exploration, technology, engineering and science.

Your task is to write a 500-word essay on why the Cassini Spacecraft should target specific objects for imaging and investigation. Watch three short videos, decide which is the most interesting for you, then choose your essay subject (Rhea, Titan or Saturn itself) – you decide, it’s your adventure.

The prizes

There are three age categories in the international competition:

  • 11 to 13 years old
  • 14 to 16
  • 17 to 18

All winners will be given a copy of their chosen target image, taken by the Cassini spacecraft during its mission. In addition:

  • The youngest category winner will also get an iPod shuffle and books by Lucy Hawking
  • The middle category will win a Nintendo DS and books by Lucy Hawking
  • The oldest age category winner will be offered a one-week research placement with Professor Carl Murray from Queen Mary University London

How to enter

The deadline for submissions is 5 November 2010. Email your entries to Deirdre Kelleghan, the contest coordinator for Ireland, at skysketcher[at]gmail[dot]com

Don’t forget to include your name, age, postal address, name of your school and your teacher, and your teacher’s email address.

Learn more

Check out the winning essay by last year’s Irish winner in the 11-13 category,  Fionn Bradley (11) from Limerick.

Visit the Cassini website

Find out more about Saturn and its moons

Download a Cassini factsheet

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