Class Activities 2013

Below are some fun science experiments and activities that you can try out at home or in the classroom, with easy to follow instructions.

A number of the activities link to the 2013 Science Week theme 'Exploring the Extra Ordinary' where we invite you to explore, investigate and learn more about the amazing scientific things happening around you in your everyday life! Simply click on the activity sheet links below to get started!

Does colour affect how heat is absorbed?

Fruity electricity

Peas - dead or alive?

What is in the water we drink?

It sucks

Junior Science quiz - questions and answers

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eBug experiments to try out for Science Week 2013

e-Bug is a European DG SANCO-sponsored project which has produced antibiotic and hygiene education packs for schools across Europe, involving 18 partner countries, including Ireland.

On the website teachers can find resources and interactive games suitable for primary (age 9-11) and post-primary students (age 13-15).

In Ireland, e-Bug is managed by the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre and the website has material available in English as well as gaelige. The classroom activities are designed to use common household materials that would be readily available in all schools.

Below are a number of eBug activity sheets that you can use to participate in Science Week:

eBug post-primary activities overview

eBug post-primary microbes class notes

Antibiotics investigation teacher's intro sheets

Antibiotics investigation teacher's coversheet

Lesson Plan TS2

Lesson Plan TS3

Advance preparation TS4

Teacher answer sheet TS5

Student worksheet SW1

Conclusion worksheet SW2

Test result images SH1