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Supercool Water!

Water is the only substance on our planet that exists naturally in all three states of matter. In other words, it is found as a solid, liquid and gas.…

Supercool Water (PDF, 227 KB)

Extracting DNA from Kiwis

DNA is found in the cells of every living thing. It's special because it carries the instructions for making each living thing. DNA is a very long molecule…

Extracting DNA from Kiwis (PDF, 244 KB)

Smartie Chromatography

How do colourful sweets like Smarties, M&Ms and Skittles get their colours? The manufacturers mix various food colourings. Find out how to use a process…

Smartie Chromatography (PDF, 233 KB)


Gassy Skies

Our planet is surrounded by an invisible cloak of gases that we call the atmosphere. It is the atmosphere that gives us the air that we breathe and…

Download Gassy Skies (636 KB, PDF)
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