Resources for Secondary Schools

Download the Science Week 2016 logos and posters, and check out our FAQs for advice and tips about organising and attending events during Science Week.

Our resources section also has lots of cool experiments you can do at home or in the classroom, and activity sheets you can download.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #scienceweek when posting your Science Week info on Twitter and Instagram. You can also connect with us at @ScienceWeek.

Class Activities 2015

Join in and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Science Week! 

Try out the Burning the Candle at Both Ends experiment to explore the centre of gravity of our Birthday Candle. 

Design Your Future by making a Semi-Conductor LED circuit to light up your life. 

Download the full list of activities here and don't forget to use the hashtag #scienceweek when posting your Science Week info on Twitter and Instagram.

2015 activities 

Here are some great activities to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Science Week! 

2014 activities

There are a number of activities that you can do to join in the fun of Science Week which you can find here.

Many of these activities are connected to the 2014 Science Week theme of “The Power of Science" which you can read about here.

2013 activities

These cool experiments for secondary schools are based around this year’s Science Week theme of “Exploring the XtraOrdinary'  - check them out here.

Archived activities

You can still download Science Week activity sheets from previous years. For example, last year’s sheets are based on the Science Week 2012 theme of 'Everyday Experimenting' while 2011's theme was “The Chemistry of Life”. Read through our list of fun activity sheets in the archived activities

The ‘Periodic Pressure’ game

Chemistry students use the Periodic Table a lot! Answer six randomly selected questions about the elements to see how much you know, in a race against the clock. Play the game