Sample Press Release


Sample Press Release
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Logo here (version with dates)


Date goes here


Sub-heading, if necessary, to go here

First paragraph – should only be approximately five to six lines long and should include the details on what you are doing, who will be there (and who it is targeted at – children, adults, third-level), when it is being held (time, day, date), where the event is being hosted and finally why it is being hosted.

Second paragraph – should highlight one key newsworthy area i.e. what the event will actually entail. Details of the areas to be spoken about or demonstrated, and key news angles of the event.

Third paragraph – focussing on additional details such as secondary details of the event (is it one-off or will it take place a number of times?) and supporter details. Give some information on why this event is taking place: as part of Science Week Ireland which will see hundreds of events taking place nationwide.

Fourth paragraph – technical details: how people can access tickets to the event, when these will be available to book, whether the event is restricted in numbers.

For further information:
This section is for the journalist writing the story and should include your name, contact landline telephone number and mobile phone number if they should need to contact you.