All about Biodiversity!

    Biodiversity In Schools delivers fun, interactive environmental education workshops at schools and events the length and breadth of the country. Their team has a unique and enthusiastic approach, which brings the fascinating world of Irish biodiversity to life for children of all ages! From butterflies to bees, birds to trees and everything in-between they can arrange workshops to suit all groups, indoors or outdoors. Full details >>

    Animal Magic

    An interactive, educational, experience. Our road shows bring wildlife to you and help to unlock the magic of Nature. Not only are they inspirational and educational but are also great fun for both young & old. Age Group: Suitable for all Full details >>

    Anyone 4 Maths

    Let’s dispel the perception that maths is difficult and boring. For many maths is just a jumble of numbers and alien concepts; for others it is a series of interesting patterns, sequences and a source of fascination. This hands-on overview of quirky numbers, predictable primes, fascinating fractions, interesting tables, amazing anagrams, super squares, and perplexing problems aims to awaken an interest in mathematics. Floating bowling balls? Real or imaginary? Use maths to find out! Learn how to make your own calculator. Can you use maths to survive in our hostage game? Age Group: Suitable for 10 to 15-year-olds Full details >>

    Astronomy and Other Cool Stuff

    Astronomy and other Cool Stuff is a talk about Astronomy. Children will learn how we see objects in a telescope, how space craft see the same objects. During the show we take a look at Apollo, the moon, the sun and Mars in 3D. Age Group: 7-12 Full details >>

    Backgarden Life

    The landscape of elementary mathematics explored through sight, sound, touch and movement. Age Group: Primary audience Full details >>

    Beyond the Rainbow: an Invisible World

    Take a journey beyond the rainbow, in this whistle-stop tour of the electromagnetic spectrum. What do mobile phones, microwaves, suntans, night-vision cameras and your radio have in common? Why does your mobile phone make your radio click, and how do X-rays see through your skin? See how light can be polarised and find out why the sky is blue. Play 'guess the object' in our thermal imaging picture game, and listen to the way your TV remote control sounds! By getting to grips with the wavelength and frequency of different types of radiation, all will become clear! Age Group: 12 to 18 Full details >>

    Bright Sparks

    This lecture explores electricity – starting with static and what it is, current electricity from the first batteries with frog’s legs through electromagnetism to motors and modern day generators. This show can be adapted to a classroom visit suitable for 3rd – 6th class. During class visits all the children participate in an investigation. Age Group: 10 to 12 Full details >>

    Bubbles and Balloons

    Beautiful bubbles, brilliant balloons and big bangs. We explore the best bits about bubbles and balloons. From blowing them up to bursting them; discover all the amazing things you can do in between. Can you catch a bubble? Make it last for ever or make it square? Can you stick a pin in a balloon or turn it into a helicopter? The perfect introduction to science, through these fun demonstrations the pupils can gain a basic understanding of materials and their properties and have their curiosity aroused. The show features audience interaction, lots of demonstrations and is an experience they will remember. Age Group: 4 to 11 Full details >>

    Cartoon Science

    The laws of cartoon science state that nothing falls faster than an anvil! Is this true? How does gravity really affect things with different weights? Join your favourite cartoon characters on a journey to discover the difference between cartoon science and real science. What are forces and how do they work? Can objects change shape and then return to their original shape? Find out what happens to things when they combust or explode! The show features animated clips, audience interaction and lots of demonstrations of 'real-world' science. Age Group: 7 to 11 Full details >>

    Colourful Chemistry

    Colourful Chemistry is a demonstration lecture in which the colourful side of chemistry is presented. Each colourchanging reaction selected will introduce a different area of chemistry, plotting the history of modern chemistry from Robert Boyle descriptions in the 1660s to today. Slime, density columns, metals and electroplating, flame tests, chromatography, acids, bases and indicators and fluorescence will all be introduced in an exciting, child friendly way. Age Group: Suitable for 3rd - 6th classes Full details >>

    Deadly Moons

    Deadly Moons is a one hour interactive art/science presentation. I show the children 10 unusual moons from our solar system. I tell them some facts about these worlds and use language they would understand, not too many facts, more light in nature. Then the children vote on which is the deadliest moon, then they draw that moon. In doing this they learn that there are other moons.they learn that these moons are different. I try to offer black paper and pastels to give them a different visual experience. This activity helps to strengthen their observing skills which is both a science and art practice. Age Group: 8 to 12 Full details >>

    Debating Science Issues: The Science and Ethics of Stem Cell Research

    Part of the successful Wellcome Trust funded Debating Science Issues (DSI) programme, this workshop provides the background and the science of stem cell research and explores its cultural, ethical and societal implications in an interactive, round table discussion. This workshop will prepare students to participate in the DSI debate competition organised in several rounds and on various biomedical topics in 2010 to determine a provincial winner. Age Group: 12 and over Full details >>

    The Dinosaur Tree

    The Wollemi Pine considered to be one of the rarest trees in the World (A specimen will be brought into the classroom), Children will make fossil imprints using leaves, make their own dionosaur garden complete with dinosaurs, and become the directors of Cretaceous Park designing the enclosures of some uniqe exibits. You can catch Dale on his new residency on the Kazoo program RTE 'The Den' each Wednesday from the 2nd of September. Age Group: Suitable for all Full details >>

    Discover Your Tap Water

    This workshop follows the journey of your tap water from droplet to drain. Find out where the water flowing from your tap comes from! Interactive experiments and hands-on activities reveal the intriguing science behind the processes of the hydrologic cycle all the way from nature’s cycle to everyday water use. Each of the experiments and topics covered relate to one of the processes in the water cycle, stimulating the imagination and curiosity of the participants. Turning on the tap becomes an action full of insight and awareness as participants learn the science behind where water comes from, what we do with it, how we get it, and where it goes. The content of the workshop ties in well with many strands of the Science and Geography Curricula for Primary and Junior Cert (6-12 yrs old). Full details >>

    • Performer: Roberta Bellini and Alberta Congeduti
    • Subject: Physics, Biology
    • Duration: 60 minutes
    • Audience: Primary
    • Telephone: Roberta (0877052774)
    • Website: http://

    Education Interactive Forensic Science

    Our workshops bring classroom science to life by allowing students to take on the role of the Forensic Scientist and learn how Chemistry, Physics and Biology are used in the real world. They are designed for groups of 60 students at a time and are aimed at ages 11 to 16 years. We tour every county and have done so since 2006, visiting over 240 different Irish Schools. During our interactive workshops students will examine evidence, conduct an investigation and interpret the forensic results to solve a realistic crime. This case also explores the dangers of getting involved with recreational drugs. Full details >>

    Einstein Made Simple

    Discover the science behind the most famous scientist ever! What do CD players and beach balls have to do with Einstein? How can you make time run slowly? This show looks at the three most famous discoveries made by Einstein in 1905. Brownian Motion proved the existence of atoms. Relativity challenged everyone's perceptions of time and space, The Photoelectric effect launched quantum mechanics and led to many developments that we use today such as lasers. But how do all these things relate to some everyday science? Using volunteers, demonstrations and lots of audience interaction, we'll get to grips with Einstein's amazing ideas and find out a bit about the work still being done to test them out today. Age Group: 14 to 18 Full details >>

    Exploring Our Oceans Through SOUND

    This 50 minute workshop will introduce primary school children to the wonders of sound in our oceans. With interactive experiments the children will discover the physics of sound in water and get hands on in using a hydrophone to detect underwater sounds. Through games and visual presentations we will discover how the world’s deepest diving whale uses sound to capture its prey in complete darkness and how its toilet habits play a huge importance to the health of the marine ecosystem. A collection of marine artefacts, including shells, shark eggs and seaweed will be presented for the children to touch and feel. Full details >>

    Exploding Vegetables... Fuels of the Future?

    This highly entertaining show explores the more serious subject: 'Our impact on the world around us'. Volunteers will be called upon to help 'Splooze' make a range of fuels and gases which will be used to send a hoc potch of household items skywards! Danger! Fun Guaranteed! Age Group: Suitable for all Full details >>

    Exploration Dome Mobile Digital Planetarium

    Exploration Dome is a mobile digital planetarium & science education service offering schools and event organisers an invaluable science resource and experience. Enjoy our presentations with a fascinating insight into astronomy and science. Suitable for all age groups the planetarium ensures everyone is given the opportunity to learn all about space and science in a fantastic, fun and safe educational environment. Exploration Dome costs €5.00 per pupil. A minimum of 90 pupils is required. For schools with less than 90 pupils, please contact us for a quote. Minimum hall measurements of 4m high and a 7m x 7m wide floor will be required. Age Group: All ages Full details >>

    Fantastic Physics

    Can you use physics to lift and adjust, make magnets hover, blow up a bin bag using just one breath, prove there is energy in food, make a teabag fly or use mentos sweets to cause a geyser? Learn all about these 'tricks' and the science behind them. Age Group: Suitable for All Full details >>

    Force of Course

    Let us help you explore Newton’s three laws of motion with this show using simple items like balloons, footballs and cat flaps, as well as some really high-tech gadgetry! Full details >>

    Izzy's Incredible Adventure

    Can you help Izzy on her incredible adventure? Along the way discover and explore how transport really works! Can a toaster make a hot air balloon rise? Why do space rockets need explosions? Can you make metal float? Finally meet the ultimate transport for land, water and air - the hovercraft? The show involves the whole audience in investigating the way we travel, explaining the science behind everyday transport and also the more unusual. This exciting show features audience interaction, lots of demonstrations and is a memorable experience for everyone! Age group: 3-7 Full details >>

    Junior Einsteins Science Club

    Junior Einsteins Science Club lets children make and do their own experiments in a fun, interactive environment. This programme teaches children the core aspects of science through messy experiments, quizzes and games. Age Group: Suitable for primary school children Full details >>

    LEGO Challenge Program

    These sessions provide theoretical and practical knowledge on basic principles in mathematics, science and engineering using motorized LEGO® bricks and other methods that produce motion. Young Engineers provide an engaging, hands-on learning platform. The educational goals are achieved by using LEGO® assembly kits uniquely designed by our staff, demonstrating the scientific principles in a fun and accessible fashion; combining experiments that form scientific intuition with stories that capture the imagination. Suitable for 6-11(1st class -6th class). Full details >>


    Cutting edge LED and laser technology is combined with breathtaking performance art and dexterity as Feeding the Fish bring technology to life in their latest show Lightworks. Commissioned by Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2011 which was attended by over 100,000 people, Lightworks was declared ‘highlight of the festival’ by the organisers and inspired school groups, families and young people. Full details >>

    • Performer: Feeding the Fish: Pixel-Poi and Light Juggling Performance
    • Subject: Physics
    • Duration: 25 minute performance. Plus optional 15 minute workshop
    • Audience: Children and Adults
    • Telephone: 07958 476045
    • Website:

    Mad Professor Science Shows

    The Mad Professor Science Show introduces general science learning through fun activities for ages 5-14 years. Full details >>

    Muck and Magic

    Go behind the scenes of the NaturallyWild Playgarden from a previous year's Bloom Garden festival, in a unique and quirky presentation we will look at ideas for your own school garden based on the senses. Sowing seeds of varous sensory plants and and planning a dream school garden are all part of the day. Age Group: Suitable for all Full details >>

    Magic Science or Mystery?

    Welcome to the mysterious world of the science magician where nothing is quite as it seems - where rods sing; water seems to disappear; tornados appear in bottles; and a brave volunteer sits on a chair of nails. This is magic with a difference - in this show the audience are encouraged to figure out the science behind the tricks. Age Group: 10+ Full details >>

    Music to your Ears

    How do we make sounds, record sounds and see sounds? This exciting presentation, with lots of demonstrations and audience interaction, reveals the secrets from the basics of sound to the latest in music technology. Witness the ultimate 'hands-free' instrument and see a musical instrument played with a blowtorch! Discover what sound is, and see what it actually looks like. Find out how our ears pick up sound, and how they can be damaged by loud music. Uncover the mysteries of how CD players and MP3 players work, and have some fun with synthesised voices! This show can be adapted by the presenter to suit a wide range of audience ages, and is suitable for family or adult presentations too. Age group: 11-16 Full details >>

    The Mystery Of Flight - Science or Magic

    What is flying? Air air - is there anything there? Is lighter than air flight possible? How do aircraft fly - science or magic? Bernoulli vs Newton - whose theory is correct? Find the answers to all these questions and more... Age Group: suitable for all Full details >>

    It's Only Water… or is it?

    An exciting, interactive science show that explores all the amazing properties of water. The show will be brought to you in the form of a trick and quiz show that involves students and teachers The show investigates all the things water can do. Can we turn water into wine? Make it explode, or even use it to crush an object? We will also look at ways to save water and at the importance of water in the global environment. Prepare to get wet!Age Group: 7 to 11 Full details >>

    The Physics Show

    The Physics show is designed to inspire students to take physics in the Leaving Certificate. We use safe household items to demonstrate various physics principles found within the current junior and senior curriculum. We cover areas such as; Pressure, Flight, Density, Waves, Light and Magnetism. This show is a mixture of multimedia presentations, experimental demonstrations and group participation. Age Group: 12+ Full details >>

    Rapid Rockets and Wicked Robots

    Rapid Rockets and Wicked Robots is a drawing workshop that teaches children about the rockets and robots used in exploring our solar system. We take a look at a selection of space vehicles such as Sputnik, Apollo, Mars Rovers, Hubble, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and the Space Shuttle. We choose the space vehicle we want to draw then we produce lovely drawings on black paper with soft pastels in vivid colors. Age Group: 7-12 Full details >>

    The Rocket Workshop

    Explore the excitement of rocket science! Discover the history of the earliest designs to today's most advanced rockets. Work in a dedicated mission-control team to simulate the real experience of a rocket launch. Design rocket experiments using the science of rocket propulsion and aerodynamics to achieve maximum height. Age Group: 8 to 18 Full details >>

    The Real Science of the Circus

    Roll up! Roll up! Amazing science and spectacular circus tricks! "The Real Science of the Circus" is a unique combination of top-quality science communication and circus skills. James Soper, acclaimed science communicator, ex-professional circus performer and Guinness World Record holding juggler explains the world of forces (gravity, magnetism, balance, pushes, pulls and twists) in this educational and entertaining show. Age Group: Suitable for all Full details >>

    Science is a Roller Coaster

    Mindless fun or a real life scientific experience? Learn all about energy and forces and perhaps change the way you think about the fairground for ever. Age Group: Suitable for All Full details >>

    Science of Sport

    From the moment you leave the starting blocks, your sporting ability can be affected by science. How do people balance, and what makes them fall over? What happens when a ball bounces, and why do balls have different surfaces? How is friction useful in sport and how do we use science to protect us from injury? Watch plastic cups loop-the loop, and try to spot the trick in the game of crazy cricket. Dare you sit on a seat of nails? This exciting and interactive show uses lots of audience involvement to make you think about sport as you never have before. Be prepared to limber up and join in for this show with lots of audience interaction. Age group: 10-14 Full details >>

    The Science Show

    Hands-on science show where students participate in activities and demonstrations. Flight, pressure, light, sound and magnetism are among the topics covered in this interactive learning experience. Age Group: 5 to 12 Full details >>

    Scien-tastic: Atomic polymers and bursting explosions

    Join Michelle Maher MSc (Chem) for this fun filled, exciting hands-on science workshop. Scien-tastic provides a fully interactive children’s laboratory where you become a real scientist. Discover and explore science through experimentation and activities filled with explosive science. Up to three shows per day for an audience of up to 30 children per show (30-40 minutes required between shows). Requirements are access to water (not necessary in room but in building). Full details >>

    The SkyDome Academy Mobile Planetariums

    Pupils interact with the planets, stars and galaxies during a visit of the SkyDome mobile planetarium, experiencing the wonders of the cosmos without travel. Taking 35 adults or 45 primary pupils at a time, it can accommodate more than 200 pupils in a single day. A 50 minute astronomy lesson covers stars, constellations, the seasons, planets and more. A visit also completes Step 2 towards the award of Science & Maths Excellence for schools and costs €5.00 per pupil. A minimum of 90 pupils are required and a hall with min. 4m height and 7m wide x 7m long floor. Age Group: Primary and Secondary Full details >>

    Solar System and Robot Explorers

    A PowerPoint presentation during which I ask the children questions which explore their knowledge of Art, Music, Science, and Geography. The presentation shows the latest images from the many robotic explorers out there. This talk also gives children a view of Earth from space and explains just how special our home is. Age Group: 7 to 12 Full details >>

    Sound's Interesting

    This 50-minute show explores the science behind sound. Open your ears and discover how sounds are made and how they travel. Then close your eyes and be transported to Australia via the weird sound of the didgeridoo. In this show we'll also use technology to transform your voice into a chipmunk's or even a monster's! Through a variety of interactive demonstrations, the show also investigates pitch, loudness and resonance. W5 also offer additional shows. Why not get in touch with them to find out more information? Age Group: 11-14 Full details >>

    Super Furry Animals

    This is a power point presentation on the mammal species in Ireland which explores the special characteristics of mammals, native and introduced species, predators, prey, food chains, protected species. “Stuffed” specimens are on hand for children to examine and see the special adaptations. Children engage in a quiz, mask and model making. Age Group: Suitable for all Full details >>

    • Performer: Catherine Daly
    • Subject: Life Science
    • Duration: 75 minutes
    • Audience: Children and Adults
    • Telephone: 086 8527181
    • Website: http://

    Who wants to be a superhero?

    Just what exactly do scientists and engineers do? How do planes fly? How can we see through the dust in space? How do engineers make playgrounds safer to play in? How are they saving the planet? Meet six real-life young scientists and engineers working in Wales. Each one has made a sixty-second video about their job and what they enjoy most about it. These are interspersed with discussion from a live presenter and interactive demonstrations involving volunteers from the audience. This is a careers driven show aiming to introduce Key Stage Two pupils to the wide range of careers available in science and engineering, and to show them that scientists and engineers are people just like them! The show also covers gravity, forces, energy, light, space, the environment and materials. Age group: 7-11 Full details >>

    The Trouble with Titanic

    What went wrong on the Titanic’s maiden voyage that made such a supposedly safe trip into one of the most infamous maritime disasters ever? Let us explain in this interactive science show. Does that float your boat? Full details >>

    Undergrowth Life

    Meet Bugs and Beasties from all over the globe includeing Giant Stick Insects, Geckos, Tree frogs, Terrepains, Giant Millipedes and more. Dale in his vibrant Aussie accent will explain each and their habits and habitats in an informative and hands-on display. Age Group: Suitable for all Full details >>

    W5 Science Magic

    An entertaining and very interactive 50-minute show which looks at forces and chemical reactions, including Newton's Laws of Motion, acid-base reactions, and gyroscopic force. With a little scientific role play we'll also discover why the moon stays in the sky (with the help of a chicken!) and then throw in some rocket science to boot! Especially suitable for KS2, but can be tailored for older or younger audiences. W5 also offer additional shows. Why not get in touch with them to find what else they have on offer? Age Group: 5+ Full details >>

    The Weather Show

    Create lightning, form rainbows, examine climate change and show the destructive power of extreme weather. This show will involve an interactive presentation covering principles such as atmospheric pressure, convection currents, sound, optics and electromagnetism. Ideal for both science and geography students. Age Group: 8+ Full details >>

    Arrr! Marine Litter

    Created by marine biology training experts, our workshop raises students’ awareness of the impact marine litter can have on marine wildlife and enlightens students on the changes they can make to help reduce the risks to marine ecosystems. With visual displays and samples of typical litter materials we will identify types and sources of marine litter. Through group work we will learn how marine wildlife is affected by entanglement and ingestion of micro-plastics. With arts and crafts, students will personalise their own sustainable shopping bag which can be taken home to begin their journey in reducing litter. Full details >>

    Big Bear Planetariums

    We are delighted to introduce our state-of-the-art mobile planetariums using Fulldome 360-degree 3D digital projection technology, which have stunning graphics and advanced computer simulations. We cover the entire island of Ireland and we come to you. Our planetariums suit all situations, including both indoor and outdoor use in your hall, gym, car park or garden. We offer a fully interactive learning environment which is educational and fun. Discover the many fascinating facts about our Universe and learn from our fully qualified Astro Officers. Our planetariums are the most advanced digital planetariums in the country and are capable of showing full 360-degree interactive movies. We cater for special needs and are fully wheelchair accessible. Full details >>