A Global Experiment

A Global Experiment

Thousands of students all over the world are expected to take part in the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) 2015 global experiment. This year the theme is “Water: a global experiment with hydrogels.”

Students taking part are invited to explore the effects that hydrogels (a man-made product) have on the water cycle before sharing their results with other classes across the globe. Not only are all the activities engaging, they also support learning and curriculum. So why not get involved?

There are three distinct experiments, all of which have been designed so they can be carried out without specialist equipment and on a small budget:

• Experiment 1: How much water can a hydrogel hold?

• Experiment 2: How quickly can hydrogels absorb water? Does this ever change?

• Experiment 3: An open investigation into how water can be retrieved from a hydrogel

These experiments support students in exploring the question: are we wasting water by using hydrogels?

All the data collected from the above experiments should be uploaded onto the global experiment website. Once uploaded, all the collated data will be examined and analysed. This creates an opportunity to discuss the importance of repeating experiments. Students can also receive a certificate of achievement for taking part.

Be part of something huge: check out their website for full details on how to join this global experiment.