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2011 features: chemistry

Magic show or science lab?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference when chemistry is used in clever ways. Here are 10 videos showing some cool chemistry videos from around the web. Don't forget that some of the chemicals involved can be hazardous if misused. They need adult supervision, and many of the experiments also need protective safety equipment such as goggles, gloves and aprons.
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What’s the Chemistry of Cooking?

A lot of cooking involves chemistry and is essentially a series of chemical reactions. Knowing about this kitchen chemistry can help you to understand much more about what’s happening - and why your recipes sometimes go wrong.
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A World Without Chemistry?

What would life would be like if nobody had ever studied chemistry? It’s easy to grumble about the homework, but it’s impossible to overestimate chemistry’s importance in our daily lives.

Look around your home and count the number of things around you that have come out of chemistry breakthroughs and inventions. Without chemistry we wouldn’t have light bulbs, mobile phones, Facebook or Twitter. Much of the food we eat and clothes we wear involve chemists and chemistry too.
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Five Irish Scientists who put Chemistry on the Map

Find out about Robert Boyle, Robert Kane, Mary Rosse, George Johnston Stoney and Kathleen Lonsdale; famous Irish chemists who have made contributions to chemistry across the centuries.
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The Rise and Rise of Green Chemistry

Agriculture is worth more than €5 billion to the Irish economy each year, but the chemistry involved in modern agriculture can also have a high environmental cost.
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The Chemistry of Sports Drinks

It seems like every second advert on the TV now is for a sports drink. Sports stars are featured using them, from Brian O’Driscoll to Sean Ó Hailpín and Damien Duff. These drinks make a lot of claims about improving performance and endurance, so how do they work?

To understand this, we need to look at how exercise affects your body chemistry.
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2010 features: space

Space Brains app

For Science Week 2010 we launched “Space Brains”, a free app available for the iPod Touch or iPhone. It’s for anyone who wants to find out more about space, whether it’s what year man first stepped on the Moon or how many planets there are in the solar system. With a variety of difficulty levels, players will be amazed at how much they already know and can learn about the galaxy and space exploration.
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A Space Education

Ruth McAvinia talks about her time on the Space Studies Programme at the International Space University in Strasbourg earlier this year.
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Farming from Space

Many of us are familiar with Google Earth, looking down on any location and seeing where you live, spotting your house or farm. But, perhaps few realise that these images are taken from space by satellite.

We see satellite images every day on weather forecasts. These images come from geostationary satellites that are always orbiting over the same point on the equator, whereas the satellites we use in Teagasc are orbiting much closer to earth in a polar orbit, flying overhead every few days or so.
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Sun Worshipper

How do you describe someone who checks his computer first thing every morning to see what the weather is like – not in Malaga, the Canaries or Tenerife – but the Sun? Strange? Weird? Odd? No, not really. As Science Spin journalist Seán Duke reports, this is just part of the daily work routine for Ireland’s leading academic ‘Sun Worshipper’, TCD astrophysicist Peter Gallagher.
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Space Set for Liftoff

Studying science or engineering at college, and worried about job prospects in Ireland when you graduate? You could certainly do worse than consider a career in Ireland’s rapidly growing and exciting space industry sector.
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