Our goal in delivering the ‘Midlands Science Festival’ is to focus on increasing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths literacy amongst the Midlands population. We want to celebrate science. Our hope is that young people will better understand that science can be fun and therefore be encouraged to pursue careers in science related fields.

We also wish to help teachers, providing them with resources that they wouldn’t normally use and get students thinking about science beyond the lab. And finally, we hope that parents will feel more confident about supporting science and understand that it requires investment if we are to address the current science skills gap in Irish society.

This year’s festival will includes The Secret Lives of Crows & Ravens, What Went Wrong With The Titanic, Superfood Myths & Science, The Science of Sleep and new add on activities such as virus and cures knitting patterns for local knitters and a Science Festival Book Club. The Midlands Science Festival wants to take science out of the lab and into libraries, theatres, streets and younger classrooms, giving people a variety of fun ways to explore the world around them.

The overall event is a unique opportunity to explore science through a programme of interactive exhibits, workshops and shows developed by local development company Midlands Science based in Tullamore, in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and partners, we are now heading into our third year and our 2016 festival promises to be even bigger and better.


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