2016 Festivals

With 2016 marking the 21st year of Science Week, events right across the country are hoping to make this the most exciting Science Week yet. Included in these events are 10 Regional Science Festivals. These festivals offer a range of opportunities for the public to engage in Science Week featuring family open days, schools outreach events and public talks. Join us for some thrilling science shows, hands-on workshops and find out how Ireland’s research is changing the way we think and live our lives. Find a Science Week festival near you.

Festival Highlights

Tuseday, 10th November

Dr Death and the MediEvil Medicine Show

Robert Boyle Science Festival

Saturday, 7th November

Ugly Animals Show

Midlands Science Festival

Sunday, 22nd November

Galway Science and Technology Exhibition

Galway Science and Technology Festival

Tuesday, 10th November

Global Chemistry Experiment

Cork Science Festival